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Metal shredder

Metal shredder

Metal shredder introduction

Metal shredder is also called metal crusher. It is a professional equipment for shredding scrap metal materials. The range of processing is extensive, mainly used in color steel tiles, scrapped car shells, oil paint barrels, metal barrels, bicycles (foreign cars),iron sheet, waste aluminum, scrap iron, aluminum plastic, waste electrical appliances, scrap electronic circuit board and other scrap metal materials.


Metal shredder Technical Parameter:

Model Main Shaft power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Blades number(pcs) Blade dia.(mm) Particle size(cm) Chamber size(m) Machine size(m) Machine weight(t)
DT2600 160*2 25-60 40 720 3-10 2.5*1.4 8.2*4*4.3 36
DT1900 90*2 43398 40 560 3-10 2.3*2 8*2.5*2.4 15
DT1500 45*2 43330 30 530 3-10 2*2 4*1.7*2.4 12
DT1200 37*2 43266 28 372 3-10 1.4*1 3.2*2*1.9 6
DT1000 30*2 43230 30 360 3-10 1.2*1 3*2*1.9 5
DT600 15*2 43136 26 260 3-10 0.82*0.9 2.6*2*1.9 2.5


Metal shredder Features:

1. The metal shredder is mainly composed of shredding blade, carrying box, box support, feeding system, power system and electrical control system.
2. The material through the feeding system into the inside of the shredded box, which carrying a shredder blade, and then through the shredder blade squeeze, shear and other comprehensive role, shredded into small pieces of material,and will be expelled from the bottom of the box.
3. Because of the high hardness of metal materials, it is designed to automatically reverse the system, this preventing the failure of the cutter and improving the efficiency.

Metal shredder application:
Metal shredding machine can take various waste cans, bottles, coke cans, paint bucket, waste thin iron, iron slag, tin and other metal break into the massive particles, thus reducing transport costs, and improve the speed of iron cast furnace iron-making.
Metal crusher used at work, the material in the crushing cavity can be fully and effectively crushing, high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, even crushing the material.

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