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Wood shavings machine

Wood shavings machine


Wood shavings machine introduction
Wood shavings machine is an automatic machine mainly used for bulk production of uniform thickness wood shavings. Available shaving thickness is from 0.1mm to 1mm and shaving sizes can be customized.

Wood shaving machine working principle
After feeding, materials will go through first cutting by the blades. Then enter into the crushing chamber and go through the combination crushing force of hammer mill and shear. Finally crushed materials are sent out to the discharge gate by the blowing force of the inner fan and blown out by the outer blower.

Wood shavings application:
Wood shavings are used as mulch in gardening. Shavings conserve moisture, prevent weeds and grass and keep the plant roots cool when they are spread around plants and shrubs.
Other Uses Include:
• Animal Husbandry (chiefly as bedding material)
• Mushroom Production
• Food Processing
• Building Products
• Environmental Protection
• Wood Flour Products 
• Poly wood board,
• Paper mill materials,
• Shipping stuffing.

Wood shavings machine Parameter

Model DT420 DT600 DT800 DT1200 DT1500
weight 200 380 800 1150 1600
Main shaft speed(r/min) 500 450 400 400 400
Power (kw) 7.5-11 15-18.5 30-37 55 75
Blade number(pcs) 4 4 8 9 12
Capacity(kg) 300 500 1000 1500 2000
Size(mm) 1200*500*700 1550*630*950 1850*800*1400 2400*1000*1400 3000*1200*1800
Feeding inlet size(mm) 140*100 190*150 140*220 220*300 320*420

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