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Crusher Series

Multifunctional hammer crusher

Multifunctional hammer crusher


Multifunctional hammer crusher Description
Multifunctional hammer crusher widely used for produce powder feed or premix feed for poultry and pig and cattle, etc. It can crush all kinds feed raw materials, such as corn, maize, soybean, crop stalk, cotton firewood, corn, straw, corn cob, clover, peanuts shells, etc.

Multifunctional hammer crusher Features:
1.Compact design with high production efficiency, easy operation and maintenance;
2.Quenched manganese steel hammers with hardness HRC56-62 ,shows excellent wear-resistance;
3.Upper and lower housing made from cast iron or carbon steel for long service life;
4.Different mesh screens available
5.Electric motor or engine powered

Multifunctional hammer crusher Application
It’s commonly used for crushing material at home and farm or in small scale wood processing factories. The raw materials the machine can process are: wood barks, wood cuttings, crop stalks, rice husk, cotton stalks, coconut shells, sunflower husks, wheat straw, rice straw, palm kernel shells, haulm, peanut straw, sweet potato straw and so on. The final products of the hammer mill, fine and uniform, have a wide application for biomass fuel pellets, animal bedding and other wood product production.


Multifunctional hammer crusher Parameter

Model Power(kw) capacity (kg/h) Size (mm) Weight (kg) Inlet size(mm)
FSZ2500-28 11 500 1250*650*1000 150 280*250
FSZ2500-40 22 800 1400*780*1250 300 400*280
FSZ600-6 30+7.5 1200 1750*900*1550 900 600*350
FSZ800-8 55+11 2500 2200*1780*1500 1100 800*380


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