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How to Start a Pellet Plant?

Top 8 Issues You Should Consider
Nowadays, it is wise for you to develop a pellet mill business plant. According to our experience, there are some important aspects as following you should consider before starting up a pellet plant:
pellet mill plant,how to choose a proper pellet machine

1. What is your target market, residential pellets, industrial pellets, pellets for animal bedding, animal feed pellet, etc.
2. How to make the price position of your pellet mill?
3. What is the moisture content for your finished pellet products?
5. What kind of raw materials will be used for different pellet mills?
6. How do you intend to sell your finished pellet products? Wholesale or retail?
7. How many pellet mills do you plan to produce every year?
8. What is the yearly output for the finished products in your target market area?

How to Choose a Proper Pellet Mill for Your Customer?
It is well known to us that there is a wide range of sizes for pellet mills. When determining the needed size of a pellet mill, you must consider desired throughput and the pelleting characteristics of the product being pelletized firstly.
The most significant point is try your best to meet your customers' needs of pellet mills. If your customers submit a sample of raw material along with their desired throughput requirements, you should give back a pellet that meets their desired bulk density and recommend the proper mill to accomplish their required capacity.


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