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Trend of Global Energy

In recent years, the growth of the global biomass pellet industry has usually been described in the positive terms as a thriving example of green energy.

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Brief Introduction of Biomass Pellets
As defined by the International Energy Agency (IEA), “pellets are a solid biofuel with consistent quality – low moisture content, high energy density and homogeneous size and shape”.
Apart from abundant ingredients and simple operation, there are three top reasons accomplishing popular trend of global biomass energy.
1. Green Energy Technology
Nowadays, energy shortage and environmental issues have been the important themes all over the world. With the arrival of alternative energy such as biomass pellets, not only they improve the efficiency of energy utilization, but also biomass energy provide an significant way to protect our environment. In a manner of speaking, green technology is the source of future energy.
2. Environmental Crisis
As the report from Climatic Change Committee, if we do not take measures to avert Greenhouse Effect, global temperature will go up by 3-6℃ and current sea level will rise for 15-35 meters in the future 100 years. What is the aftermath? It may lead to most species extinction and cause an enormous economic loss. What a severe situation!
It is such an environmental crisis that putting forward blossom of biomass fuels.
3. Downhill Era of Fossil Oil Tycoon  
In recent years, although we have witnessed an increase of fossil oil reserves controlled by international oil companies, the total volume in the whole world is falling off.
For international oil companies, they have to take shareholders’ befits into consideration, therefore technical innovation is not enough. And the fast development of biomass pellets is partly due to high price of fossil oil. Under the setting, energy market is titling towards biomass fuel.


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