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Why Choose Biomass Pellets?

With rapid increasing of traditional fuel prices and serious environmental pollution, unique advantages of biomass pellets have led to rising popularity in current wood pellets market.

Biomass pellet fuel, as an alternative for fossil fuels, has a more competitive and stable price benefits than kerosene and natural gas do in many countries. Supported by the green tax policy, wood pellet fuel is encouraged to be used as a countermeasure against global warming, energy security and rise of oil prices. It has proved to have a good effect.
Wide Material Source:
Biomass fuel, has competitive and stable price, also with clean combustion and less pollution. The moisture content can be easily controlled during the production process. The raw material sources are very wide, such as wood waste (residual sawdust, wood shavings, wood peelings, etc.), yard debris (grass, leaves, tree sticks, forsythia, wisteria, woody bushes, etc.), farm waste (corn cobs, corn stalks, straw from plants, etc.) and other residues biomass waste. We can recycle energy from the above materials. Traditional heating fuel and fossil fuels are expensive and can easily cause environmental pollution. Besides, trees grow slowly and the moisture is hard to control, which are not good for stoves & boilers, and the source is very limited.
Environmental Friendly:
Carbon-neutral is the green image and advantage of biomass pellet fuel. In contrast, burned pellet fuel only liberates CO2 which is stored during the lifetime of plant, and is harmless to the environment. Burned fossil fuels will free extra CO2 into atmosphere which have been stored for over a million years, accelerating global warming.
Pellets are produced with uniform moisture content, shape, size, and density, matching the needs from the automated combustion carbon-neutral systems of stoves and boilers. It also takes up less space in storage than other biomass fuels because they have higher energy content by weight.
Are you still using the traditional fuels? Don’t do that again, biomass pellets will bring big surprise to you due to the unique advantages. Want to know more about the biomass pellets? Please feel free to contact with us !


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