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How to Start a Wood Pellet Business

Wood pellet machine has gained more and more people's favor. Though a lot of people try to start a wood pellet business, some of them still do not know exactly the practical situation. What should be taken into consideration? A sufficient supply of raw materials, moisture content handling and selection of a rational location are all factors that should be highlighted.
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Pellet machine is now widely used to make wood pellets and feed pellets. In essence, wood pellet machine is more appealing since the whole world is advocating energy conservation and environment protection. Wood pellets as fuel just conform to the slogan, so an increasing number of people want to start a business by producing wood pellets to meet the market demand and make profit. Then there comes the question of how to start a wood pellet business. What factors should be considered when establishing a wood pellet plant?
Firstly, a sufficient material supply is essential for running a pellet plant. To make wood pellets, raw materials like wood logs, bamboo, branches, sawdust and straw need to be ready for use at any moment. For instance, a wood pellet plant with a capacity of 2T/H at least shall have 60T material in the stock daily. Thus continuous production can be guaranteed.
Secondly, moisture content of wood materials is rather important for pellet shaping. The ideal moisture content is 15%. If the moisture content is higher than 15%, a dryer should be equipped. When coming to the installation of a dryer, fuel has to be considered. Do manufacturers have to buy fuel for heat stove in the dryer? No, here wood pellets can in turn be used as the fuel to drive the dryer. Therefore, manufacturers do not have to worry about the fuel cost.
Lastly, a good location is also very important. A well-chosen location can save the production cost. That is to say, if the location is close to the supply area of raw materials, transportation cost can no doubt be largely saved. Above all, if there is a sudden lack of materials, the close distance can meet an urgent need.



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