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Choosing the Suitable Pellet Production Line

As there is an increasing trend of producing feed pellets, a lot of people try to initiate a feed production line to make pellets. Faced with two series of pellet equipment—large series and small series, they have to choose one according to their practical production situation.
Recently, pellet machine has played an essential role in our modern society. That is because more and more people find the benefits of using wood pellets and feed pellets. Also a large number of people intend to start business by producing feed pellets. As the market is filled with feed pellet machine of various models, it is sometimes hard for them to choose the suitable pellet equipment.
For large scale production of feed pellets, a large series of pellet equipment is necessary. It consists of a crushing machine, feed mixer, feed pellet mill, cooling machine and packing machine. After the whole process, feed pellets are processed and packed. This series of pellet equipment have a large continuous capacity, thus it is much preferred by large industries.

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For small scale production of feed pellets, a small series of pellet equipment is particularly designed. This series of pellet equipment is quite suitable for small feed processing industry or livestock farm. It is a simple production line, which is featured by a main feed pellet mill equipped with other auxiliary devices. Generally, the auxiliary equipment can be added to the pellet production line according to the specific demands of the users.
Here one thing has to be mentioned is that whether you are going to adopt a large series of pellet equipment or a small series of pellet equipment, a feed mixer is an indispensable machine. A feed mixer plays the role of mixing raw materials before they are further processed. As animals feed requires high nutrition to promote their growth, adding feed additives is common. In this case, a mixer is a must to get ideal feed pellets.
Users should take their real production condition into consideration in order to make a decision to choose the most suitable feed pellet plant.


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