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Prospective Analysis of Feed Pellet Mill

China is the biggest aquaculture country in the world. Due to the rapid development of aquaculture industry, a new trend of feeding animals with feed pellets has appeared. Feed pellets produced by pellet mill have many benefits. Therefore feed pellet mill is getting more and more focus by relevant industries.
As is shown by an authoritative study, China's feed product structure has undergone significant changes in recent years due to the changes in consumption demand and breeding structure. In fact, the growth rate of aquatic feed production through feed pellet mill has reached 17%, which is far higher than that of compound feed. With the decreasing of livestock and poultry feed, aquatic feed has become the shining point of feed industry. The domestic aquaculture industry is showing continuous growth thus application of feed pellet mill also presents a quick movement.
Compared with traditional compound feed, feed pellets processed by pellet mill have a lot of advantages. Under the effect of conditioner in  pellet mill, materials are mixed thoroughly and further ripened. This will help the digestion of fish. In addition, nutrition will be fully utilized, so performance of fish can be improved. It can also avoid aquatic animals' picking food. Also it can reduce waste of feed. The storage of feed pellets is much easier and occupies a small space, making the transportation cost lower. Perhaps the most beneficial thing is that pellets produced by pellet mill can avoid the risk of bacteria. As is known to all, aquatic living things are easy to be affected due to their particular living environment. Once harmful organisms get into their body or living environment, the  bad consequence can be inestimable.
Based on the current situation, production of aquaculture industry will have a continuous growth in the coming years. As more and more aquaculture owners show interest in feeding fish with feed pellets, feed pellet mill with all its benefits will accordingly get an increasing application in the market.


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