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The Application of Wood Pellets in Industrial Boilers

Industrial boilers are used to provide heat. And coal serves as the main fuel for industrial boilers. Since burning of coal has caused huge pollution to the environment, measures have to be taken to handle this problem. At the moment, utilizing pellet mill to make biomass pellets as fuel has been adopted as the best method to relieve the situation.
According to a recent study, there are more than 500,000 industrial boilers in China. Since most domestic industrial boilers are burning with coal, their consumption of coal accounts for nearly 1/3 of that of the whole country's consumption. Pollution caused by burning coal is familiar to every one. As a result, more and more cities begin to set restriction on the use of coal-oriented industrial boilers. It is quite clear that industrial boilers must utilize clean energy as fuel to survive.  Though oil, natural gas and electricity are clean energy, they do have limit. Thus using these resources to provide fuel for industrial boilers can not guarantee a sustainable development of energy resources.
With the prevailing of wood pellet mill to make biomass pellets as fuel, this problem can be definitely solved. Our country has abundant biomass resources. Forest and agriculture have a wide distribution throughout the country. Also agro-forest residues accounts for a large percentage. Wood waste like wood chips, sawdust, barks, branches, and agricultural waste like straw, grass, weeds can all be used to make biomass pellets. Compared with coal, biomass pellets produced by pellet mill are easy to burn, and have low ash content. What is important is that they can be burned thoroughly and hardly contain sulfur. Perhaps the most important thing is that biomass pellets release hardly carbon dioxide thus helps to relieve greenhouse effect.
To make biomass pellets through pellet mill, the first thing is to obtain enough raw materials. Our country is with vast territory and abundant resources. Certainly materials are no problem. Next question is the choice of pellet mill. Since the market is filled with all kinds of pellet mill. Users have to take all factors into consideration to choose the most suitable pellet mill to produce biomass pellets as industrial fuel to instead non-renewable coal.


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