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Understanding of Wood Pellet Plant

To start a wood pellet plant, understanding of the complete pellet production line is essential. The whole process includes handling raw materials through wood chipper, hammer mill and dryer, pelletizing process with wood pellet mill, cooling and packing system.
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Wood pellets have now been regarded as the new alternative fuel and have a potential market. At present, a large number of individuals attempt to start wood pellet plants to produce wood pellets. A complete wood pellet plant consists of a series of processes, including raw material handling system, pelletizing system and packing system.
To handle raw materials, wood chipper, hammer mill and dryer are all necessary equipment. Since large size materials like wood logs, branches do not meet the requirements of wood pellet mill to be directly processed. If the material's diameter is larger than 10mm, a wood chipper is necessary. With a wood chipper, wood materials are broken down into small pieces. Then a hammer mill is needed to crush wood pieces into powder form. Next process is drying. A dryer is made up of a hot air stove for providing heat and a rotary dryer. Since materials after the hammer mill's crushing are of high moisture content, they should be dried to certain moisture content, or the pelletizing process through a wood pellet mill can be difficult.
The pelletizing system is the heart of the whole production line. For large scale production of wood pellets, ring die pellet machine is the best choice. A ring die wood pellet mill transfers materials into the conditioner by screw feeder. Then suitable materials get into the pelletizing chamber of the wood pellet mill. Under the influence of roller and die, pellets are cut into proper size by paring knives.
The packing system includes two aspects. First, cool the wood pellets to a proper temperature, since pellets with high temperature are easy to break. Second, transfer the pellets to a packing machine to be transported or further used.
To make sure the whole pellet mill plant operate successfully, owners should be familiar with all the processes related and pay attention to every process.


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