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Pellet Mill Helps to Turn Waste into Treasure

Agricultural straw is widespread on the farm, but farmers do not attach importance to utilizing the resource. Traditional way of direct burning is a waste of source. But using a pellet mill to make wood pellets is an effective way to recycle the waste.
Wheat straw, cotton straw, corn straw and rice straw are all byproducts of agriculture. Traditionally, they are burned directly by farmers in stoves to cook or get warm. With the improvement of living standard, a number of peasants have begun to use natural gas and coal to instead of straw. As a result, lots of agricultural straw is abandoned on the farm. To deal with the large quantity of straw, farmers always choose to burn them. So we can often see blocks of smoke flowing in the sky. This not only pollutes the environment but also wastes the resource.
Though the government has carried out lots of measures to prevent farmers from burning straw, it just does not work. However, with the introduction of pellet mill, this situation is likely to be changed. With a pellet mill, agricultural straw can be processed into pellets as fuel. According to a study, straw pellets have a burning rate of 95%. What is more, the carbon dioxide released by straw pellets during the burning is nearly zero. That is to say, it will not release extra greenhouse gas to the environment. Above all, straw is utilized thoroughly rather than wasted.
Without doubt, the biggest beneficiary is farmers. In the past, they may lack the awareness of making use of agricultural straw. Nevertheless, now they can take advantage of pellet mill to process agricultural materials to make profits. It's also a good idea to start business of producing straw pellets with ring die pellet mill or make pellets for family use with a flat die pellet mill.consultation of complete pellet line.


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