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Promising Future of Wood Pellet Mill

Wood pellet mill can convert wood materials and agricultural byproducts into biomass pellets. Pellets produced are clean without pollution and generate high heat and ash after burning can be used as fertilizer. Above all, pellets fuel by wood pellet mill can relieve the pressure of energy shortage. Right now the whole world is faced with the huge pressure of energy shortage and environment pollution. Biomass energy as a new renewable energy is gaining more and more attention.
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In fact, wood trunks, wood logs, wood branches, sawdust, bamboo, wheat straw, peanut shells, rice husk,etc.all can be converted into biomass pellets. Theses materials are widespread and easy to get. What is important is that they are environmental friendly and they can release high heat. The ash after they are burned can be recycled and used as fertilizer. With all these benefits, following coal, oil, natural gas, biomass energy is recognized by the international community as the best alternative to relieve the crisis of energy shortage. Due to the huge demand of biomass fuel, wood pellet mill is popularly adopted in large, medium and small industries to produce wood pellet fuel for large power-plant, home heating and so on. 
Wood pellet mill is crucial equipment in wood pellet plant. Raw materials like wood chips, wood trunks need to be cut into specified size to be put into the wood pellet mill to process. They should also be dried since materials with high or low moisture content can affect the quality of wood pellets. After the preparatory work, materials getting into the wood pellet mill are shaped into pellets through the die of the wood pellet mill. To finish a complete wood pellet plant, cooler and packing machine are also needed to help the subsequent work.
With the decreasing of coal and oil in the energy structure, biomass energy shows continuous increasing. Accordingly, wood pellet machine which can turn wood and agricultural waste into pellet fuel will have a wider development space.


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