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The Present and Future Development of Pellet Mill in China

At present, from the perspective of the global energy consumption structure, fossil energy such as oil, coal, and natural gas, accounts for nearly 90% of the overall energy consumption, and the proportion of our country is more serious, as high as over 93%. In order to achieve sustainable development, most countries are dedicated to making a necessary contribution to environmental protection, especially in new energy conservation and emission reduction. Under such circumstances, the biomass fuel which is free of pollution becomes an optimal selection for heat energy provision and those original energy consumption facilities quit the scene gradually. With the support of national policies and the essential advantages of biomass fuel, Pellet Mill which plays an important role in directly crushing and processing scrap materials like wheat-straw, rice husks and bagasse into useful environmental friendly resources for power plants or edible feedstuffs for poultry , will present a promising prospect in the long run.
Pellet mill has a bright future due to not only its functions but also its own characteristics. It crushes raw materials into pellets which are used for home and industrial heating and electricity-generating in large power plants. There are mainly two kinds of pellet mills, namely ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill. Ring die pellet mill is characterized by efficiency and high output capacity, so it is more often used in large industry to make high quality animal feed pellets and wood pellets. By contrast, Flat die pellet mill is smaller in size. Due to its simple design and operation, flat die pellet mill is much more popular with small scale industrial production and family use. Both of the two pellet mills are widely used across the world. More importantly, some countries, those developing ones in particular, are in crying need of such machines. Therefore, there is still a long way lying ahead of us. We must improve not only the quantity but also the quality of pellet mills to ensure a favorable prospect.

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