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A Different View on Grass Pellet Mill

Traditionally, grass pellets are produced for animal feed. There is no doubt that grass pellets are suitable and useful for livestock and poultry, fish and other animals, since they can provide necessary nutrition that animals need. However,with the increase utilization of biomass fuels and the slogan of environmental protection, there has been a growing interest in grass pellets for new fuel industry. It is obvious that making use of grass pellets as fuel has much benefits. First, it can utilize kinds of grass to make pellets as fuel,especially those weeds that cannot be used as animal feed.Thus it help make use of these weeds rather than burning them as before, which in turn avoid environmental pollution. What is important is that it can create economic benefits in modern society. As a result, grass pellet mills are increasingly popular at home and abroad. Grass pellet machines have the following features: high performance with long life and low maintenance cost, wide usage in pelleting wood, straw,rice husk and other biomass resources. With all the factors, grass pellet mills will definitely have a bright future in fuel industry.



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