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How to Get High Quality Pellets

As pellet machine for making wood pellets and feed pellets is continuously popular in large industries and small business, especially in family, a good knowledge of how to correctly operate the whole process to get high quality pellets is essential for all parties.

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To make sure the pellets processed with high quality, users have to guarantee that the ring die pellet machine or flat die pellet machine operates smoothly. Before pelletizing, users should be familiar with every procedure during the process. Firstly, the molds of pellet machine have to be grinded repeatedly for the first time. That’s to say, molds should be lubricated. This process is an important step to ensure that pellet machine can produce pellets normally. For making feed pellets, materials obtained right after the grinding process can not be used to feed animals. Secondly, before starting the pellet machine, all parts should be checked whether they are fastened. Thirdly, the screws on both sides of the pressure roller should be loosed before working. Lastly, when processing feed pellets, feed formula should be well controlled. Users would better not add grease or molasses. To add ingredients like that, they can add atomized greasy or molasses. Also the amount can not exceed 3%. Besides, the storage moisture content of grain is about13%. Therefore during the mixing process of raw materials, certain amount of water should be added to meet the pelletizing requirements.

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Whether you are using a wood pellet machine or feed pellet machine, you all hope to make high quality pellets. Following the above instructions can help you avoid certain problems and get top class pellets.


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