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Tips for Lengthening Pellet Mill Working Life

Pellet mills are the main equipment in feed plants and wood plants, and the right usage of pellet mill can not only ensure the good quality of biomass pellets, but also save certain amount of money for buying spare parts. So how to properly use and maintain pellet mill thus lengthen its working life is a big task for pellet mill plant.              
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Generally, roller and dies are the key components for forming pellets; therefore , they must keep in good maintenance. There are some tips we need to pay attention to use high quality ring die and pressure roller. Generally speaking, stainless steel and high chrome are more ideal; clean die and roller in time, otherwise the remaining material will degrade the working efficiency; keep certain space between the rollers and die to avoid the friction between them; check the rotating speed of the die and roller to lessen the wear of roller and die.
The followings are some other points for attention in the operation
1. Add lubricating oil to the transmission parts at regular time, ensure transmission parts of pellet mill run flexibly, reducing workload.    
2. Change the lubricating oil of gear case at fixed period, usually every two weeks, lengthening the useful life of gear case.                             
3. Every week, check all connected parts to see if they are loose or not, the stroke switch operates reliably; meanwhile, clean screw conveyor and conditioner, avoiding mechanical problems.                                                                  
4. Every two weeks, check the wear situation of driving key, pressure die lining and encircling hoop, change them in time when the wear is abnormal to avoid ring die shaking to affect quality.                                                                
5. Prohibit overload production. Otherwise motor will be damaged and accelerate  parts wearing, shorten the useful life of pellet mill.             
Right operation and maintenance regularly is the key to lengthen the operating life of pellet mills. So strengthen management of equipment at ordinary times, the enterprise benefits will increase significantly.


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