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Some Principles for Purchasing Coal Rod Machine

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As a buyer, everyone wants to be cheap and fine. When they buy coal bar machine, do you know how to buy it? We think the following principles should be followed.
1, follow the matching principle of the model and use, and determine the type of the required purchase according to the production demand of the coal rod.
2, when buying, we should not pursue the technical performance too much, to satisfy the principle of usability, otherwise it will only increase the meaningless investment.
3. It is strictly forbidden to reduce the technical performance of the coal rod machine only by pursuing low price, which will only bring the increase in the cost of use, which is not worth the loss.
4, follow the goods ratio of three families do not suffer, with the best price ratio principle;
5. Under the same price, we should take the advanced nature, reliability, good quality and generality as the principle of coal rod machine.
6, the same technology, the same price in accordance with the manufacturer's strength, technology, after-sales service priority principles.

Follow the above principles to make the coal rod machine you buy for the best cost performance, and more cost-effective use.


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