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Wood Chipper

Wood pallet crusher

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Wood pallet crusher,wood template grinder,wood pallet shredder,wood pallet chipper,wood pallet crusher machie price,wood pallet crusher application

wood pallet crusher introduction

wood pallet shredder is specially designed for crushing wasted building templates according to market requirement. It is mainly composed of working platform, feeding roller, conveyor etc..

wood pallet crusher application

The new template grinder is a good choice for the bark broken processing plants, power plants, wood crushing processing base, plywood and other waste wood processing enterprises. Machine can handle width of 1.5 meters, thickness of 1-30 cm templates and other waste. According to customer requirements, we can customize various types of wood processing equipment.
wood pallet crusher features

1. The machine adopts special blade with high hardness so that materials can be completely crushed.
2. The main body is of strong plates to ensure that the reinforcement of the box body;
3. automatic button control, safe and convenient;
4. machines are covered with safety signs and security labels to ensure the security use;
5. conveyor belt feeding is optional

wood pallet crusher parameter

Model Feeding conveyor width(mm) Feeding mouth size(mm) Main power(kw) Feeding motor(kw) Rotational Speed(r/min) Capacity(t/h) Machine weight(t)
DT-500 500 500*100 22 4 800 1-3 3
DT-800 800 800*120 37 4 800 3-8 6
DT-1000 1000 1000*150 45 4 800 5-10 8
DT-1380 1380 1400*240 110 5.5 800 7-15 12
DT-1500 1500 1500*250 132 7.5*2 800 12-25 16

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