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Integrated wood crusher

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Integrated wood crusher introduction

integrated type crusher also called  is mainly by impact energy to complete crushing wood operations. When the integrated crushing line wood hammer mill crusher machinery starting work, the motor driven rotor for high-speed rotation, wood into the crusher cavity uniformly, high-speed rotary hammer impact, cut and tear wood to wood was broken, At the same time, the gravity of the wood itself makes the wood from the high-speed rotating hammer rushed to the body baffle, sieve, the lower part of the rotor, with a sieve, crushed wood smaller than the size of the sieve size through the sieve discharge,Wood larger than the mesh size is retained on the sieve plate and continues to be struck and milled by the hammer
Integrated wood crusher feature

1. the machine can crush cotton stalk,hard wood wet tree branch, tree barks and branches, corn stalk, wheat straw, rice straw and other dry or wet straw etc.. the raw materials can be broken into 5 to 8 cm, and the crushed materials thickness also can be adjustable. It is an ideal equipment for professional processing units and breeding farms (households).
2. integrated wood crusher using all-steel flying knife or ingot hammer, this equipment to adapt to a wide range of raw materials, high yield, can produce 20 to 45 tons per hour, processed products Used as a biomass power plant to burn raw materials.
2. large straw crusher also can be used for various crops straw and forage shredding processing. the processed products can be used for power generation, paper making, man-made board,  refining alcohol etc..
3. integrated type wood crusher is also suitable for crushing a variety of plants within a year of growth period: such as crushing cotton, corn straw, eggplant, pepper seedlings, etc.. The crushed debris can be used to produce organic fertilizer, fuel, particleboard, paper and other raw materials for the production industry.
4. integrated type wood crusher is widely used in waste template processing plant, bamboo plywood processing plant, wood-based panel factory, composite board factory, power plant boiler raw material combustion and the use of individual wood processing plants.

Integrated wood crusher parameter

Model Input mouth size(mm) Motor power(kw) Input motor(kw) Output motor (kw) Productivity(t/h) Machine size(m)
DT1000 1000*400 110 5.5*2 3 15-20 6*2.15*1.75
DT1300 1300*400 132 7.5*2 3 21-25 6*2.35*1.75
DT1500 1500*400 160 11*2 4 26-35 6*2.95*1.75
DT1600 1600*400 200 15*2 4 36-45 6*2.95*1.95

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